Navien tankless water heaters are famous for being some of the most energy efficient water heaters you can buy, thanks to their condensing technology that uses waste heat to pre heat incoming water. Navien was one of the first brands to produce condensing water heaters, and they are still one of the most reliable. The other great advantage with Naviens is that there is no need to change your existing natural gas supply pipes. They use the same 1/2 inch pipes your old tank uses.

We Carry These Navien Models

  • Here are a number of great reasons to pick a Navien for your home. All of the Navien water heaters we carry come with these great benefits (individual specs are shown below):
    • Ultra efficient. All models are EnergyStar qualified.
    • Installation is much cheaper than some tankless brands. Naviens use the same gauge gas line as your old water tank. No need to upgrade your gas line.
    • Easy installation and servicing. Regular PVC pipe can be used for venting because only a small amount of heat escapes from the unit. Venting pipe runs can be up to 60 feet long.
    • Almost no waste of heat. Navien is a leader in condensing technology, in which waste heat is captured and used to preheat the incoming water supply.
    • No cold water sandwich. The ComfortFlow recirculator ensures hot water on demand, with no breaks in the supply of hot water.
    • Works no matter how much hot water you need. For very large hot water demands, two or more units can be used.
    • Excellent warranty coverage. Up to 15 years on the heat exchanger and 5 years on other parts and components, plus 1 year labour .
    • Built to last. Heat exchangers are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion better than standard copper exchangers. Stainless steel also resists that white scale mineral buildup that results from hard water. Navien was the first manufacturer to use stainless steel.
    • Qualifies for a number of provincial and other rebates. Ask Aurora Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. which rebates are happening now.
    • Almost zero risk of flooding. Navien uses a special failsafe device to shut off the water in the event of a problem.


All of our models are part of the NPE series, designed to heat all the water you need for everyday hot water needs. If you also need water for in-floor heating, ask us about the Combi boiler series, which can do both. The Naviens below can handle residential and some commercial water.